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Howth Yacht Club

Club Terms and Conditions

For Race Entries

Refund, cancellation and minimum age policy.

Should a Sailing Event be cancelled, HYC will attempt to reschedule to another date. An entrant may seek full refund by writing to Howth Yacht Club's Sailing Committee in respect of their inability to accept the rescheduled date.
For online payment of any entry fee, the minimum age policy is regulated by the minimum age required to own a credit card - this is 18 years of age.

Conditions of Entry

I declare that:

I agree to be bound by ‘The Racing Rules of Sailing’ and by all other rules that govern this event.

I agree to waive any claim for loss, damage or personal injury against Howth Yacht Club Ltd. and any individual or body concerned with this event and to indemnify Howth Yacht Club Ltd., their servants or agents, against all actions, proceedings, claims, costs and demands arising out of the organisation of this event.

I confirm that my boat carries adequate valid, third party, liability insurance cover.

ECHO Handicap Division only: I understand that the letter and spirit of ECHO requires that owners make the necessary disclosure where there has been a material change in their boat or regular crew and I undertake to comply with this requirement.

I acknowledge that use of a Howth Yacht Club marina berth is at my own risk.