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Howth Yacht Club

Mermaid National Championship

Sail Number Boat Name Club Owner Name Crew 1 Name Crew 2 Name
1 102 Endeavour Rush Sailing Club Darach Dinneen Clodagh McGuire Lauren Donaghy
2 146 Fugitive Skerries Sailing Club Paul Browne Andreas Kursh Breda Magner
3 154 Ross Galbraith Skerries Sailing Club Ross Galbraith Ross Galbraith Mary Whitty
4 191 Maybe Rush Sailing Club Paddy Archer Carol Martin Paul Thorne
5 183 Wanago Skerries Sailing Club Robert Winters Brian Connell Paul Winters
6 186 Gentoo Skerries Sailing Club Brian McNally Valerie Cronin TBA