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Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire


The courses are open to member’s children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and if places are still available, friends.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Non Members, please contact Sailing Manager Mark McGibney for visitor Membership Number





Basic Member fees
Week 1 - 4th June 2024€205
Week 2 - 10th June 2024€255
Week 3 - 17th June 2024€255
Week 4 - 25th June 2024€205
Week 5 - 2nd July 2024€205
Week 6 - 8th July 2024€255
Week 7 - 15th July 2024€255
Week 8 - 22nd July 2024€255
Week 9 - 29th July 2024€255
Week 10 - 6th August 2024€205
Week 11 - 12th August 2024€255

Irish Sailing level descriptions, check your level!

  1. Taste of Sailing  
  2. Start Sailing
  3. Basic Skills
  4. Improving Skills 
  6. Advanced Boat Handling
  7. Adventure Skills
  8. Kites & Wires
  9. Start Racing


All queries can be directed to our Sailing Manager Mark McGibney 

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RIYC Junior Summer Sailing Form

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Other than Taste of Sailing, juniors must have a boat to sail in to attend a or course, own a boat or a charter will be assigned (if available)
Lunch is included in the price, Tuesday to Friday, please bring packed lunch on Monday

4th June

Bookings Closed for this week.

10th June

Bookings Closed for this week.

17th June

Bookings Closed for this week.

24th June

Bookings Closed for this week.

2nd July

Bookings Closed for this week.

8th July

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15th July

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23nd July


29th July


6th August


12th August

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Photography - The RIYC would like to introduce the use of video cameras as a coaching tool and to take photographs of the young sailors for display on the Club

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  1. All junior boats must be comprehensively insured including cover for third party liability risks. The ISA recommends that this should be for a minimum of €1 million covering land and sea activities and specifically detailing instruction.
  2. Buoyancy aids must be worn whilst afloat and ashore. It is recommended that new buoyancy aids should bear the CE mark and be designed for the weight of the user.
  3. Junior participants shall enter and leave the Club premises by the main side gate only.
  4. Supervision will not be provided outside the hours of junior section.
  5. Juniors have access to specific areas at the deck level of the Club. These areas will be clearly identified at the commencement of the course. Access is not permitted without prior arrangement, to the Hall, floor level and balcony.
  6. Juniors shall at all times obey, without question, instructions given by the Instructors, Head Boatman or his deputy and any other person in charge.
  7. Juniors shall not interfere with boats, equipment or belongings of others or Club property. “Borrowing” without consent is strictly prohibited.
  8. Juniors must respect and observe all Club Rules, regulations and traditions. Parents are expected to impress upon juniors that they use the facilities provided by the Club at the pleasure of the Members.
  9. All participants when enjoying the use of the Changing Rooms shall observe particular respect of property. Participants must be advised by parents of the absolute necessity to treat and leave the Changing Rooms in a clean and tidy condition. Consumption of food in the Changing Rooms is strictly forbidden.
  10. Bullying is not permitted and may result in expulsion from the course.
  11. It is strongly advised that parents consider taking out some form of personal injury insurance for the duration of the course as refunds of course fees cannot be facilitated under any circumstances.
  12. Juniors must be members of the Irish Sailing Association (membership included in course fee)
  13. Boats Parking for Course only must be removed immediately after the course. Boats found on the premises outside their course time will be billed for the full season plus 50%
The Senior Instructor, Head Boatman and others in authority are empowered to take immediate disciplinary action. Serious breaches of discipline shall be referred to the Committee.
Indemnity *
I acknowledge that the Royal Irish Yacht Club accept no responsibility for the safety of my child/children on the Club premises or otherwise in connection with the Junior Sailing Scheme or while sailing from the Club at any time or for injury or damage which my child/children may cause, directly or indirectly to any other person or property while participation in the scheme and /or while sailing from the Club at any time and I HEREBY INDEMNIFY the Club, in respect of all claims and demands of whatsoever nature which may be made on the Club servants or agents, in connection with or arising out of the participation of my child/children in the Junior Sailing Scheme or any event connected therewith or sailing by my child/children from the Club.
Indemnity 2 *
Furthermore, I agree that my use of the slip and storage space for my boat shall be at my own risk and no liability whatsoever shall attach to the Club in respect of any loss or damage arising from my/our use of the slip and storage space.
Indemnity 3 *
I have read the Junior Sailing Scheme Regulations and will ensure that my child/children understand(s) and abide(s) by them. I understand that the ISA/RYA/NSSA Instructors, NSSA Sailing Masters, ISA/RYA Senior Instructors, ISA/RYA Coaches do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any person and or the property arising out of or during the course of their activities whilst training and /or coaching and/or instructing unless such loss or damage was caused by or resulted from negligence or deliberate act.
I accept the Terms and Conditions of the Royal Irish Yacht Club website